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Collars for dogs and other leather accessories for pets: leashes, muzzles, etc

Dog collars

Our dog and cat collars are handmade. Our production facility is located in Latvia. It is important for us to offer our customers high-quality products made from genuine leather, which is why we pay close attention to the production process, carefully designing each collar. In addition to a range of standard sizes and designs, we also offer personalized collars, giving customers the opportunity to choose the colour, different accessories and even engrave their pet’s name. We pride ourselves on the fact that each of our products is unique and helps to strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Supporting local production means taking a sustainable and responsible approach, so we are grateful for every customer who chooses our products to make their four-legged friends’ lives better!

Collars for dogs

Leather accessories for pets

We offer a wide range of quality products for your four-legged friends. Our range includes leads, muzzles, leather pouches, number holders and leather chest collars, all made with your pet’s comfort and style in mind.
We offer dog collars made in Latvia that combine quality and design. Choose from leather dog collars or collars embellished with Swarovski crystals to give your pet a sophisticated look. You can also order personalized collars made to your wishes and ideas.

Looking for leashes for large or smaller dogs? Our range includes collars and leashes for puppies, dressage collars, leather muzzles and leather chest collars for safe walks.

Leather accessories for pets
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