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Leather dog collars made in Latvia

Leather collars for dogs made in Latvia

Supplies and accessories for pets. Manufacture and sale

Kaklasiksnas suņiem no ādas | FLEIT

Everyday collars, show collars, training collars, etc.

Ādas pavadas, uzpurņi suņiem no ādas | FLEIT

Leather leashes, muzzles, leather feeding bags, leather number holders and leather chest collars for dogs.

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Did you know that by choosing quality, genuine leather accessories for your four-legged friend you are contributing to sustainability? 
Genuine leather is durable and hard-wearing, ensuring that collars, leashes and other accessories will last a long time. In addition, leather only gets softer and more comfortable with time, which is important to ensure your pet’s comfort. Handmade accessories offer a unique added value - each product is individually crafted and able to reflect the personality of the dog and the owner’s sense of taste. By choosing natural leather products, you are supporting local entrepreneurs and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

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